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" This is Gaige! I'm out doing something awesome right now. But I'll tell you all about it later -- just leave a message after the beep! Beep. "

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Let's just go through the list.

The big 1. Gaige's backstory involves bullying, a lot of dangerous teenage thoughts and feelings, and culminates in her (accidentally!) blowing up a classmate at school. Are you comfortable with this content coming up in a thread? Any characters who are better/worse to talk about it with?

2. If the situation comes up, are you okay with your character getting shot or otherwise hurt? How badly, and do you need approval first?

3. Does your character have cybernetic limbs or other mechanical/robotic things? Is Gaige allowed to touch them? Take them apart? Make modifications?

4. Is it okay to use fire, electricity, acid, or any dangerous science stuff around your character?

5. How comfortable would you be with Gaige hitting on your character? Even if you don't think it will be an issue, please answer this. Gaige has questionable tastes.

6. Anything else you'd like to warn me about or clear with me ahead of time? If there's too much that makes you uncomfortable here, asking for no contact is cool, too.
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Player Name: Pie
Are you 16 or older: Yes
Contact: [personal profile] jaydeis, [ profile] Jaydeis
Current Characters: Princess Allura ([personal profile] patchricide)
Tag: Gaige

Name: Gaige
Canon: Borderlands
Canon Point: After Borderlands 2
Age: 19 (18 from canon profile + 1 for in-canon time passed)

Backstory: Wiki History, or her own retelling via her ECHOcasts
Events of Borderlands 2: Wiki History


You know those kids that end up on the news? The ones who they'll say were disturbed, unhealthy loners and played too many video games, and use them as a cautionary tale for all the good little girls and boys? Gaige was one of those children. She was a brilliant nerd who nobody liked, an innocent girl who was socially ostracized by her classmates for excessive nerdiness and for being "psycho".

But she wanted the movie ending, once. She wanted to have her comeuppance by beating her bully fair and square in a science fair contest, and for the rest of the world to recognize her skills, and to ignite an anarchist revolution. (Emphasis on ignite; even when she was at her best, she still loved playing with fire.)

Instead... she went overboard and accidentally blew up that classmate. When faced with a lifetime in jail, she decided to become an outlaw instead, a lifestyle that was already calling her name. Her ECHOcast from this time is one of the only times we see her raw, vulnerable and almost scared; even as she says "fuck you" to the world she can't call home, she can't help but point out that she was traumatized by the explosion, and had been the victim of Marcy's bullying. No one had cared, save for her father who helped her escape. After arriving on Pandora, though, she found new friends, one who respected her, since they were all as crazy as she was. She quickly adapted to the life and became a total badass.

Gaige is currently the youngest known Vault Hunter in canon. She joined the struggle after she was kicked out of high school, whereas the others range from their mid-20s to late 30s. And the age difference does show. In some ways, she's the "little sister" of the team, an idea she reinforces by having a soft spot for chocolate cupcakes and unicorns and Saturday morning cartoons, even despite her punk anarchist persona. She also has a whiny reaction towards the things she dislikes, such as country music (which is awful) and celebrity gossip (which is stupid). She's an energetic, flirtatious, enthusiastic, unfiltered motormouth, with a pace that older folks simply can't match.

However, she still gets treated with respect by her teammates, because she's certainly earned it. On top of being the youngest, she's also managed to pick up a higher bounty than any of them. And yes, that includes the Sirens, who are legendary for their awesome power and being ridiculously dangerous. This wasn't just because she accidentally murdered the precious daughter of a family known for being "richer than god" -- her technology is powerful, and it's only going to get more powerful as time gets on. In the bigger picture, she's the kind of person that men in power want to either control as a lackey or destroy as a threat.

She has a particular fondness for older guys, whether it's as friends, family, or schoolgirl-style crushing. For example, she admires her father and seems to have taken after him in ways, such as using fire and explosions to get the job done. She has a good relationship with all the old guys in the Vault Hunter crew, but in particular she has a deep respect for the commando Axton, and likes tagging along with him on missions whether he needs an ally or a wingman. She admits to having a crush on Sir Hammerlock, the old timey big game hunter, but doesn't bother pursuing it because she's aware and respectful of the fact that he's only interested in other men. That's not to say she dislikes other women, but considering the history of backstabbery and petty drama she's had with other girls, she probably finds male company a lot more refreshing.

She carries a gives-no-fucks attitude about many things, especially towards the things she's supposed to give fucks about, like cutting off her own arm. However, the truth of the matter is that she gives fucks about a lot of other things, and is fascinated by politics and history as much as science and math. She might act like she's just saving the galaxy for the glory of it all, but in truth, she probably enjoys playing the lovely, explosive, somewhat Tank Girl-esque heroine.


Gaige will want to take advantage of the freedom of the setting, and look for dangerous jobs on alien worlds, bounties to hunt, etc. At more peaceful times, she will likely start hacking together Borderlands tech for the more adventurous people in the game; digistruction, in particular, is a technology she's played around with and would be able to give people sci-fi friendly bags of holding.

She is definitely going to start a podcast on the TAB devices. If she's allowed to make that her job, then that's going to be her job on paper. Yes, even while she's doing more useful and beneficial work through bounty hunting and back-alley engineering.


Gaige is a brilliant super-genius, a prodigy as both a scientist and an engineer. So, naturally, her trademark skill is summoning Deathtrap -- a killer robot of her own creation, with laser-based weaponry of her own creation, spawned using a digistructing rod in her robotic arm which are both of her own creation. Deathtrap is smart enough to distinguish friends from foes, but not smart enough to hold back from shredding through enemies with laser claws. Luckily, he can only spawn for a limited time before he has to be de-digistructed to cool his circuits. This was a hardware limitation, but Gaige will claim it's a feature.

Her genius has other applications, such as working with electricity, fire, and other fun elemental effects. She can amplify the elemental damage of all her weapons. She can also upgrade Deathtrap with elemental effects -- and if she gets a workshop and a good payment upfront, she'll probably be able to upgrade others' weapons accordingly.

She's a gunslinger in combat, but she excels in being flexible and dynamic, and carries a variety of guns to support this combat style. For example, she'll charge in close and unload her shotgun right in the faces of enemies, building stacks of Anarchy -- her special stat, which will boost her damage dealt in exchange for dropping her accuracy. However, she can switch this out at a moment's notice using Discord, which will wipe out her Anarchy in exchange for a temporary boost to accuracy and firing speed. Perfect for, say, switching to Sniper Rifle at a moment's notice.


Strengths: Quick-thinking and with a quick wit to match it. Blindingly intelligent, curious, enjoys solving problems. Has a strong personality and artistic style. Confident in herself and ready to tackle challenging goals, undaunted by past failures. Independent and a free-thinker.

Weaknesses: Reckless and combative, not out of failure to recognize danger but an aggression that must confront it. Unfiltered and offensive at best, emotionally unstable and hostile at worst. Harbors violent anarchist tendencies, and a deeper underlying desire to be recognized for her talents.


Along with the below, she is also bringing Deathtrap, who acts as a pet/servant/best friend and is encoded into her arm. To take Deathtrap away from her, the Ingress would have to steal her arm. Please don't steal her arm, Ingress.

- Default punk clothes and goggles
- Tool belt, which holds a hammer, socket wrench, and holsters for other items and guns
- Digistruction device for extra clothes, which is mostly full of hats

- Gwen's Head, a Dahl pistol with burst fire
- Shotgun with a scope (???) and explosive damage bonus
- Sniper rifle with incendiary effect bonus
- SMG with shock damage bonux


- Cute lunchbox
- Personal shield generator
- Little bag o' grenades

Network Sample:

[It's a new audio log. The girl speaks quickly, with almost a nervous kind of energy -- the kind that comes from someone who channels any stage fright into adrenaline for the show.]

Hello to all of you, my brand new listeners! You don't know it yet, but I'm about to become your favorite it ECHOcaster-- or, well, um-- they said this was a TAB, so maybe-- TABcast? Whatever, I'm going to be your new favorite talky-person on your comm devices. My name is Gaige -- I'm a major league pro Vault Hunter and gadgeteer extraordinaire -- and I'm going to be giving all of you a behind-the-scenes look at my fun-filled life of shooting up bandits and monsters for fun and profit.

Except maybe they don't have anything here? Whatever, we'll find SOMETHING that needs to be blown up, and then YOU will be close enough to the action to hear the blood splatter!

Anyway -- anyway-anyway -- this is really more like a promo than anything else, because -- [she pauses, laughs nervously, continues] -- Iiii haven't really figured out who else is here, or where we're setting up HQ, or even when the transport is supposed to arrive? Shit, is that it? Shit, am I in the wrong line?! SHIT!!

[She's talking even faster now, as she's hurrying off somewhere.]Okay, look, just -- check your TAB, find the subscribe button, and slam it down as hard as you can! Because this is gonna be awesome! Okay? Okay! Gaige out!

[Aaaaand that's over. Does the TAB even have a "subscribe" button?]

Prose/Action Sample: TDM Thread with Angel


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